Advance Android Application Development Certification


The Advanced  Android Application Development Certification is an Online Android Training and is designed to meet the demand for android developers in the IT world today. 

We comprehensive curriculum in Android apps development training  is handled by technical advisers (M.Tech + Ph.D. continuing, 7-Yrs of Industry experience) with a tried and tested unique course delivery method tailored towards students who have continuing their B. Tech, MCA degree or having basic knowledge of java or working professionals. We have already trained 500+ student all across the globe. This Android Training doesn’t just teach Android but rather assists the student build Android Applications and help them to start their own firm in case interested.  We take pride in our expertise in android development, android apps training and mobile application development training. Take a free demo Class for Android Training course in Delhi Now and see what we are delivering.



This Android Development course is broken down into overall 6 modules and would last a total of 3 months. 

  1. Basic's of Java to understand Android.
  2.  Android Application Programming
  3.  Developing Android Application and deploying to Google Play Store
  4.  Project to understand the complete details that we have studies as part of programming.
  5.  As part of this programme we will be covering more than 150+ Android programmes.
  6.  250+ Frequently asked Interview questions to make students ready for their interview. 

For the complete breakdown of this android development course see our Syllabus.


CEO of BSSITech Pvt. Ltd.
M.Tech (CS) + Ph.D (Continuing)
7 years of industry experience

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