Bijaya Bhatta is the founder and CEO of BSSITech Private limited. He is also a software developer having around 7 yrs of experience in Android and Java Development. His Keen interest is to train people who are excited to learn and start a new carrier in the field of Android. Below are some of his details 

Education:He is currently continuing his part time PhD and Completed my Masters in computer science.

Professional Experience: He has around 7yrs of experience in Android and Java Development. 

During this period he has worked with multiple companies and in multiple countries also trained various people across the globe.

Training: He love to train young students as well as working professionals. He has already trained 500+ student both in online and offline, all across the globe. After getting my training students are placed in some of reputed organisation and some of my students also started there own business and are successful.

Research: He also love to do research. If you are interested you can learn some of my research publication as below:


1. “Global t-Sweep Coverage Problem with Minimum Interference”, Published in IEEE. 


2. "Boruvka-Incremental Power Greedy Heuristic for Strong Minimum Energy Topology in Wireless Sensor Networks", Published in ACM Digital library(URL -

3. “A Parallel 2-approximation NC-algorithm for Range Assignment Problem in Packet Radio Networks is accepted in”, Published in Springer(URL -

4. “Strong Minimum Energy Minimum Interference Topology in Wireless Sensor Networks ” Published in Springer(URL -

5. "Improved Energy-Efficient Connected Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks" (URL -


Hobbies: He love to interact with different people and like to know the culture of different people. Feel free to get in touch -


CEO of BSSITech Pvt. Ltd.
M.Tech (CS) + Ph.D (Continuing)
7 years of industry experience

Contact Details

Mobile No. : +91 7303936869

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