GA-64, Patia, Bhubaneswar

Brief Preview of Course Modules

The course training encompassing 8 weeks consists of 5 modules. It covers the concepts of internet and search engine, on-page and off-page optimization and social media optimization. In addition, discussions on topics and practical lessons on live projects would follow. Overall, the divided modules provide each perspective of HTML and CSS.

Module - 1 [1st Week]

(Web Design Principles)

1. Basic principles involved in developing a web site
2. Planning process
3. Five Golden rules of web designing
4. Designing navigation bar
5. Page design
6. Home Page Layout
7. Design Concept

Module - 2 [2nd & 3rd Week]

(Basics in Web Design)

1. Brief History of Internet
2. What is World Wide Web
3. Why create a web site
4. Web Standards
5. Audience requirement.

Module - 3 [8th Week]

(Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets)

1. Concept of CSS
2. Creating Style Sheet
3. CSS Properties
4. CSS Styling(Background, Text Format, Controlling Fonts)
5. Working with block elements and objects
6. Working with Lists and Tables
7. CSS Id and Class
8. Box Model(Introduction, Border properties, Padding Properties, Margin properties)
9. CSS Advanced(Grouping, Dimension, Display, Positioning, Floating, Align,Pseudo class, Navigation Bar, Image Sprites, Attribute sector)
10. CSS Color
11. Creating page Layout and Site Designs

Module - 4 [7th Week]

(Elements of HTML )

1. Introduction to elements of HTML
2. Working with Text
3. Working with Lists, Tables and Frames
4. Working with Hyperlinks, Images and Multimedia
5. Working with Forms and controls.

Module - 5 [4th , 5th & 6th Week]

(Introduction to HTML)

1. What is HTML
2. HTML Documents
3. Basic structure of an HTML document
4. Creating an HTML document
5. Mark up Tags
6. Heading-Paragraphs
7. Line Breaks
8. HTML Tags

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