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Brief Preview of Course Modules

The course training encompassing 8 weeks consists of 5 modules. It covers the concepts of internet and search engine, on-page and off-page optimization and social media optimization. In addition, discussions on topics and practical lessons on live projects would follow. Overall, the divided modules provide each perspective of JQUERY and JAVASCRIPT.

Module - 1 [1st Week]

(Fundamentals of JavaScript Code)

1. JavaScript methods (such as alerts)
2. Variables
3. The importance of quotes
4. Numbers vs. strings
5. Concatenation

(Reusing Code with Functions)

1. Defining functions
2. Calling functions
3. Defining parameters & passing arguments

(Simple Accordion with JavaScript)

1. Targeting elements by ID
2. Hiding & showing elements with JavaScript

(If Statements: Clearing Form Fields)

1. Testing code in the JavaScript Console
2. Getting & setting properties
3. Using if statements
4.Reshowing text hints in empty form fields

Module - 2 [2nd & 3rd Week]

(Introduction to JavaScript Objects & the DOM)

1. Intro to objects
2. The global object
3. Breaking open & manipulating objects

(Dynamically Changing Content with Custom ObjectsDynamically Changing Content with Custom Objects)

1. Checking the functionality of the select menu
2. Getting the chosen value
3. Dynamically changing the state name value
4. Dynamically changing the rest of the values

(Introduction to Arrays & the Math Object)

1. Creating an array
2. Editing an array
3. Creating an array of welcome headings
4. The Math object
5. Using the Math object to pick random headlines

(Introduction to For Loops)

1. Creating a for loop
2. Using the for loop to set dropdown menus
3. Clearing the To menu
4. Optional bonus: refining the menu selection experience

Module - 3 [4th , 5th & 6th Week]

(Exploring JavaScript Selectors)

1. Intro to JavaScript selectors
2. Selecting multiple elements & elements without IDs Getting a specific list item
3. Getting elements by class name
4. Getting multiple items using querySelectorAll()
5. Getting a single item using querySelector()
6. Chaining selectors together
7. Targeting elements by data attribute

(Photo Filter Website: User Friendly Navigation)

1. Setting up the selectors with data attributes
2. Getting the selectors on load
3. Toggling the filter buttons
4. Refining the filter buttons

(Photo Filter Website: Getting the Photos to Filter)

1. Creating an array to store the selectors
2. Getting the All button to select all filters
3. Getting the rest of the buttons to select the other filters Initially hiding the photos
4. Getting the photos to filter

(Photo Filter Website: Creating an Exclusive Filter)

1. Adding a checkbox to toggle exclusive filtering on/off Separating the inclusive & exclusive filters
2. Writing a conditional to select the appropriate filter Programming the exclusive filter
3. Rerunning the filter when the checkbox is toggled Improving the user experience

Module - 4 [7th Week]

(Showing/Hiding Content with jQuery Animation)

1. Getting started with jQuery
2. Running code when the document is ready Click events
3. Using jQuery’s slideToggle() method
4. Supporting JavaScript disabled users

(jQuery Hover Animation)

1. Adding an outline with CSS
2. Using jQuery’s hover() method
3. Using jQuery’s animate() method

(Sharing JavaScript Across Pages)

1. Externalizing JavaScript
2. Linking to the JavaScript file

(More Advanced jQuery Showing/Hiding)

1. Adding an animation to reveal hidden content
2. Targeting the proper div: traversing the document
3. Swapping the button image with jQuery

Module - 5 [8th Week]

(jQuery Lightbox: A Pop-up Image Viewer)

1. Linking to the plugin files
2. Initializing the pop-up
3. Grouping the photos into a gallery
4. Adding captions
5. Removing the counter
6. Customizing the appearance

(jQuery Cycle: A Simple Slideshow)

1. Initial setup
2. Defining what content gets cycled
3. Adding more cycles & exploring options
4. Reversing the animation

(jQuery Lightbox: Adding Slideshow Controls)

1. Preventing a possible “flash of unstyled content”
2. Enabling the slideshow
3. Adding & customizing the controls

Module - 4 [7th Week]

(jQuery Cycle: Adding a Pause Button)

1. Adding a pause/play button
2. Styling the pause/play button
3. Checking to see if the cycle is paused
4. Making the pause/play button work

(jQuery Form Validation)

1. Initializing the plugin & setting options
2. Customizing the error messages
3. Changing the location of the error messages
4. Styling the error messages

(jQuery Image Carousel)

1. Linking to the plugin files
2. Creating the carousel
3. Styling the carousel
4. An easy way to add prev & next buttons Adding custom prev & next buttons Setting how many items are shown

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